Shrink Wrapping & Banding

Shrink Wrapping & Banding-BANNER

Plastic shrink banding for your value-add bundles.

Shrink wrapping with plain or printed film is an effective way to configure, sleeve, band, bundle, unify or group multiple items that increase sales for your value-added retail promotion, gift sets, or sample kits. It is one of the best ways to seal and protect your retail package without compromising its looks. Shrink wrapping can also offer increased packaging clarity and product protection by helping keep packages clean and discouraging consumers from tampering before purchase.

Drake Pack maintains versatile equipment run by personnel experienced in the practical application of various shrink films to achieve your desired results on time and on budget.

Contact Drake for your single source of over wrapping, shrink banding, flow wrapping, cello wrapping, and other shrunk plastic enclosures.