Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging-BANNER

We have tailored solutions to manage your product.

A contract packager should act as an extension of your business. At Drake Pack we take your business very seriously, we are passionate about what we do. We offer expert, cost-efficient, practical solutions to help you initiate, organize, streamline or improve your packaging needs.

From pick & pack or hand assembly services to a complete process from inbound to market, our services can be tailored to fit your needs and budget perfectly. Drake Pack’s inventory management solutions are designed help you save money and strike at hot opportunities. Our experienced team of experts will help define how you need inventory managed and implement those requirements in order to accomplish your mission-critical objectives. In a just-in-time world, your success at providing material dock-to-stock may rest on having pro-active control of your inventory via an integrated computer network for easy order placement.

Complex transportation planning and execution in a rules-based environment lead to enhanced logistics management and lower client freight costs. Drake Pack pursues every advantage from multiple carrier rate shopping to consolidation and zone-skipping opportunities. We handle every detail along the way, including compliant labeling, inventory audit, and regulation compliance.

Put decades of expert experience at your service with our supply chain network and the logistical support of Drake Pack.