Club Store Packs

Club Store Packs-BANNER

Your leverage for the big box.

Let’s say you have an opportunity to execute a club store program from concept to the retailer’s distribution center in eight weeks. Impossible? Not with Drake Pack. Simply land your container of bulk-packed product — from anywhere in the world — on our docks and we’ll take it from there.

We will transform your product into club channel compliant packaging, value packs or LitePack™ sustainable trapped blister packaging. We will place the primary packaged SKU’s facing in the required retailer-accepted patterns — whether it is placed into trays or palletized club packs. Your product will be compliant with the retailer’s distribution and merchandising requirements and hit the floor ready to sell.

Club stores have reshaped the American retailing landscape with heavy emphasis on of pallet displays. Drake Pack has a wide variety of packaging solutions, providing streamlined supply chain functions in a single source to lower your risks and boost your profits.